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Summer Hair vs Winter Hair




It is that time of year again when we shift from the humid summer months to the crisp cooler air. So what does that mean for my curly hair routine? In the summer you are combating against the sun, chlorine, humidity and sea water! The best thing to do during this time is use products that will help keep your hair hydrated and frizz free. I always say you will need a heavier conditioner such as devacurls melt into moisture and deep sea repair. Those two mask are awesome for keeping a healthy balance of hydration and protein. You may need a leave in. My favorite is the deva curl decadence leave in. Not only is it super hydrating but, it is light weight! So my wavy girls can use it as well. My other summer tip is before going into any beach water or pool wet your hair down before hand that way your hair will soak up less of the pool or sea water. You can also add some sort of hair ph balancer. I highly recommend Kera Color’s purify plus you can just spray in your hair after showering to help remove any trace chlorine or minerals out of the hair. Great for people who live in areas with hard water as well! You can find this awesome product at any Ulta location. As the season changes you can still keep up with this routine just make a few tweaks. Go for the lighter weight conditioner especially for those living in colder climates. Without the humidity the hair falls flat so to avoid the curls looking drab use a conditioner that can still give you moisture without the added heaviness. A great place to start is deva curls one condition original or one condition delight. The one condition original is best for those with 3a to 4a curls and, the one condition delight works for those with 2a to 3a. For my 4b or 4c girls stick with a conditioner with a bit more moisture or add some sort of leave in. The tighter the curl the drier it is as your natural oils don’t make it all the way down the spirals. I would still recommend the decadence leave in as it is light weight. The B’leave in jelly from deva curl is another great leave in that will help give the hair a curly boost and add some shine. You still want to continue using a hair mask once a week. Use deva curls heaven hair leave in for 20 min and rinse. Heaven in hair is moisturizing enough to give you hydrated curls when the air gets dry without weighing down your curls and works for all curl types! So if you find your summer routine does not work in the winter that is because you need to change it! Use some of my tips to find what works for you. Healthy curls are happy curls.

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