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Hydral Fatigue- The hidden reason why your hair is dry


Are your curls feeling dry and limp lately? or maybe you have noticed some breakage. If you are like most curly girls you have an arsenal moisturizing masks, shampoo’s, conditioner’s etc. We are taught to keep our hair hydrated to help combat dry frizzy curls but, like most things too much of a good thing can be bad. For years I always taught my clients to keep their curls hydrated. I would say leave in conditioner and do a treatment once a week. Then I started having some clients tell me no matter how much they hydrate their curls just seem dry and break. I thought to myself that can’t be if they are telling me the truth their hair should be healthy! Well one day I stumbled upon an article I found on explaining hydral fatigue. Hydral fatigue happens when we over moisturize yes there is such a thing. When your hair stays in a constant hydrated state the cuticles of the hair strands swell when wet then contract when dry. This will eventually weaken the hair shaft and cause the hair to become dry and brittle. How can you fix this you ask? simple! Hair is made of protein. Protein keeps our hair strong and shiny however too much protein can make your hair dry and brittle as well. Switch between a protein hair mask and a hydrating hair mask to keep the balance. I love Deva Curls melt into moisture and deep sea repair. I tell my clients switch between the two to maintain enough protein in the hair to keep it strong and enough hydration for some gorgeous moisturized locks. If you live in south Florida book your appointment with me today to learn more about caring for your hair! I will be happy to tell¬† you if you need more protein for your hair or more hydration! You can also purchase the Deva Curl products at my studio! looking forward to guiding you on your curly journey.


Your Curly friend,

Jasmine Levy

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